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Poltys Medical Office is TAPI compliant application that informs your patients over phone call/ SMS/ Email that the a medical result message is ready to be listen. Patients can call in afterwards and listen to the message.

It also provides detailed call log and helps you automatically remind pacients of their medical appointments, call patients whose calls were lost and also the ones that medical staff needs to speak to directly, and automatically record all call conversations.

Automatic Medical Result Delivery

Optionally, the system sends notifications to patients about their pre-recorded result message availability, over phone calls/ SMS/ Emails. Patients may call in the system afterwards and listen to the doctor pre-recorded message.

Convenient Operations

Set up medical appointments.
Manage medical staff.
Take care of patinets to be called.
Administrate lost call list.
View and analyse call activity log.

Automatic Appointment Notification

The system notifies the predefined patients about their appointments.
The patients are reminded based on predefined schedules.
The appointments are gathered from CSV file exported from a 3rd-party contact database.

Lost Calls Management

The system automatically detects the lost calls and queues them for calling back.
When medical staff is available for taking calls, the system will automatically dial from the Lost Call List.
Also, patients to be called can be manually added to the Call Lost List.

Call Log Management

Call log presents in-depth details including Call Result that represents the automatic call status that helps for call log analysis.

Patients Database

If a 3rd-party contact database is available for the system to gather patients information from, integration will be provided as a custom development.
Otherwise, the patients list must be exported to a CSV file and then imported in the system’s database.

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